Yeti Bite


What are you rates?

Depends on what the client wants created and how involved the process is. Did you need it done yesterday or do we have a month? Every job and client are different and my rates/quotes reflect this.


How should I pay you and what forms of payment do you accept?

Half payment up front always and the rest upon approved completion of job. Cash is king but I also take all major credit cards, checks, paypal, google wallet, square etc.


How many people work at Yeti Bite

Just me and my cats in a tiny house making awesome one day at a time.


Who are you clients?

Small to large businesses, start up entrepreneurs, bands, entertainment brands and people who like creative stuff.


What inspires you?

I like working an idea into a finished image or concept and bringing life to it as well as the challenge to get there. Video games, movies, comics, food, music, photography, beer, my surroundings, pretty much anything that can resonate a creative spark.


Where are you located?

The beautiful gloom and rustbelt doom of Cleveland, Ohio.


How should I get in touch with you?

Email is best, click the “Hire Me” section of this site ya dingus. Sure you can send me messages on your favorite social network as well but I may forget about you and your work inquiry.